About the Business

Our principals have developed, owned, and managed leased fee properties for over 46 years.  Over the last decade we have implemented, grown and maintained a business model that has allowed us to both help with the  affordable housing crises by reducing he entry price for families of single-family residential homes. apartment buildings, 4-plexs etc. The model involves buying existing residential single and multi-family fee simple homes, then **bifurcating them by creating a ground lease. Then reducing the price (opening the home to larger pool of buyers) and reselling them.  

** The process of separating ownership of the Land from the ownership of the Improvements is often referred to as Bifurcation. Through Bifurcation, Expansive Minds retains the passive Leased Fee interests in the Land, with their more conservative yields, and allows families to buy their home at a more affordable price and too harvest the higher home appreciation (entrepreneurial) returns