(saving money on the purchase price of your next home)

ABOUT US:  WE at Expansive Minds believe in the notion that homeownership gives people a proprietary stake in their society, thereby encouraging them to participate in activities that help the existing social fabric and less apt to participate in activities that disrupt it. That arguably the greatest legitimacy can be gained by our business is though our direct help in lowering the price of buying residential homes, because our efforts and results would be most visible.

Over the last decade Expansive Minds has implemented grown and maintained a business model creating additional Leasehold Estates.  The model involves buying existing fee simple homes, then bifurcating them creating Leasehold Estate interests and Lease fee interests, then substantially reducing the price of the home making the home affordable to a larger pool of buyers and reselling them.  We can substantially reduce the price of any home you or your family or friends buy in the future. The link below is to Expansive Minds brochure that details how we can save you money on your next home.

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1.  Arizona Leasehold Tenure Statutes
Arizona real estate law is based upon English common law where this form of tenure has a long history.  Under the common principles adopted in Arizona once a lease is assigned to a lessee, title to the improved building lot is divided into a present and future interest. These interests are described below:

2.  PRESENT INTEREST: As provided in the Arizona Revised Statutes, the lessee’s present interest is an “estate for years.” ARS ESTATES §33.201. It is an “Estate in possession” in which the lessee has “immediate right to possession of the land.” ARS ESTATES §33.203.

3.  Future Interest: As provided in the Arizona Revised Statutes, the lessor’s future interest is the  type of  “expectancy” classified as a  “reversion“ — “it is the residue of an estate left in a grantor [lessor]  or his heirs, or in the heirs of a testator, commencing in possession upon the determination of a particular estate granted or devised.” ARS ESTATES §33.204.